3M Part #2082 - Coban Wrap 2

3M Part #2082 - Coban Wrap 2" Latex Free 2"X5Yd 36/CS


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  • - Brand: 3M
$151.52 per CASE


3M™ Coban™ latex free Self-Adherent Wrap is a cohesive elastic wrap constructed from a nonwoven material and elastic fibers. The cohesive properties allow the wrap to stick to itself but not to other materials or skin. It is supplied in individually packaged sterile rolls. Coban self-adherent wrap is intended for use as an elastic wrap to provide compression or support, or to secure dressings or devices. This product is not designed, sold or intended for use except as indicated. Maintains even compression over time; does not slip - Provides excellent cohesion # sticks to itself - Conformable; fits body contours - Easy to apply and remove; can be re-positioned - Does not stick to skin, hair, clothing or surgical drapes - Lightweight, breathable - Variety of choices: latex-free, sterile, longer length, color packs 3M Part #2082 - Coban Wrap 2" Latex Free 2"X5Yd 36/CS