Echelon Reload Green 60mm 12/Bx

Echelon Reload Green 60mm 12/Bx


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  • - Brand: Ethicon
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Echelon Reload Green 60mm 12/Bx

This is what Ethicon has to say about the Echelon ECR60G Stapler Reloads: Echelon Endopath Staplers are sterile, single-patient-use instruments that deliver staples while simultaneously dividing tissue between rows. The Echelon Staplers are offered with staple cartridge lengths of 60mm and come in long or compact shaft lengths.

Echelon Endopath Staplers with gray, white, blue, gold, and green reloads deliver six staggered rows of staples with a single cut line in-between. A safety lock-out feature in the Ethicon reloads is designed to prevent a used reload from being re-fired. A staple retaining cap on the Echelon reload, protects the staple leg points during shipping and transportation.

All Echelon Endopath Cartridges are compatible only within the Echelon Endopath Family of Staplers.

Wide range of cartridges:

  • Accommodates various tissue thicknesses, all with 6-row stapling capability.
  • All cartridges fit through a 12mm trocar.
  • Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reloads
Echelon Reload Green 60mm 12/Bx